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The Bilingual Advantage

While we consider learning a second language to be important, most people don’t know the full extent of the opportunities it provides. In fact, many people often think of the benefits that emerge to be along the lines of being smoother in social situations or being able to travel in a different country. However, there are many other aspects of a foreign language that can bring great fortune to a user. This can range from offering new business opportunities to building stronger diplomatic and economic relationships. It can also help illuminate the artisanal styles and perspectives of the cultures that speak that language.


Of course, the benefits do not stop here. Speculation and debate around the subject have built mass controversy about what bilingual behavior actually does for your brain. While it was difficult to discern the true value for a long time, there has been immense research and analysis over the last few years. With luck, there have actually been breakthroughs.

A Neuroscientist by the name of Ellen Bialystok spent almost 40 years confirming a theory which is now known to be true. Her work culminated in the discovery of strong correlations with bilingual speakers and an increase in mental sharpness and quality of brain activity. More importantly, however, her work demonstrates that frequently speaking more than one language can help prolong the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. If you are looking to get more information on Ellen’s work or learn about our curriculum, feel free to explore our website!

Lycée International de Houston ensures a prestigious and authentic language education. One that is beautiful and informative. Whether you are finding out the true meaning behind the red flag used in Spanish bullfights or exploring the value of Joan of Arc from the eyes of a French citizen. There are always new opportunities for language to evoke beauty from the culture that uses it. As a bilingual speaker, your child will be able to interact with these elements and build connections that are truly global and deeply profound.

LIH at a Glance

Our premier private education offers a bilingual program that is structured for the most authentic learning experience. Our courses are well-balanced and progressive. They combine the latest programs of the French Ministry of Education with the very best of American curricula. Instructors adapt to the needs, knowledge, and abilities of each student. Our school is known for its curriculum, culture and high academic standards. Every day we engage, excite and challenge our students intellectually, physically, and creatively.
The Lycée International de Houston’s mission is to provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment in which rigorous international programs foster academic excellence, innovation, creativity and cross-cultural communication to inspire a passion for learning and empower each student with knowledge, understanding and open-mindedness.

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We are committed to ensuring that all children reach their potential and that we are providing students, parents, and community advocates with a warm, welcoming environment where students can experience success in a school culture that inspires dreams, builds compassion, and opens minds!


This extraordinary diversity is an asset of which we are extremely proud. Our students understand from the beginning that differences and otherness are the wealth of the world, great sources of discovery and personal enrichment.

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The theme of the “Science week” of this year is “For tomorrow. Tell the science, imagine the future.”  Exhibition in the atrium. The students chose a subject related to this theme and did their research. They presented it on a poster board. Each group prepared three questions about their topic. Students who came to see answered […]



The parents and children had a wonderful time eating lunch together today. What a great way to celebrate our LIH family this Thanksgiving season, around good food with good people.  Les parents et les enfants ont passé un agréable moment tous ensemble aujourd’hui lors du déjeuner. Quelle belle façon de célébrer notre famille du LIH […]


[🇺🇸] Welcome to LIH Spirit Week – Friday was a Spirit Day. Time to show off your Blue, White & Silver and cheer on our LIH Bulls mascot. Go Bulls!

LIH Spirit Day Nov 18

Welcome to LIH Spirit Week – Friday was a Spirit Day. Time to show off your Blue, White & Silver and cheer on our LIH Bulls mascot. Go Bulls! Bienvenue LIH – Vendredi était la Journée de l’Esprit LIH. Il est temps de montrer votre bleu, blanc et argent et d’encourager notre mascotte, le Taureau […]


Houston Health Museum

4th – 9th grade students went to the Houston Health Museum – November 12th. They were able to discover the global cuisine (food, nature and culture: explore our complex food system from farm to fork) and the epidemics (explore the links between human health, animal health and environmental health). Also, they could act like a […]