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About Lycée International de Houston

Houston’s Only Bilingual School!

18 months – 12th grade

Houston, economic and cultural capital of Texas, and 4th largest city in the USA, is an expanding international city with tremendous potential. The Lycée International de Houston offers the French Education program combined with North American teaching methods. We believe the academic excellence and rigor of the French National Education system can be easily integrated with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) educational practices. We combine both educational approaches in order to obtain the best of both worlds in the best interests of our students. Excellence, Rigor and Kindness are the keys to their development and success.

About Lycée International de Houston

We offer a school with a thoughtful, progressive and structured program with a proven track record of efficiency and success. The French Ministry of Education and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills promotes an education that is centered on the students’ needs. The latest programs were reformed in 2016 through the implementation of new learning cycles.

The Lycée International de Houston welcomes children starting at age 18 months, through to High School and leading to the French or French-American Baccalauréat or the International Baccalaureate.

Students follow class every day in French and English, with each course having its own learning methods that meet the needs of each culture. Students greatly benefit from the teaching diversity in the academic program and socially. During their school day they pass from one context to the other several times, learning to manage their schedules and activities within the language and the code of both educational and social systems. The result is a more sophisticated level of reflection and analysis. The pace is intense and family support is essential.

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